Petroc, Abbot, 6th century

The number of church dedications to Petroc (or Pedrog) suggests that he was outstanding importance among British saints, particularly in Cornwall, though the sources for his life are late and unsatisfactory as historical documents. He came from South Wales, possibly the son of a Cymric chieftain, and on his arrival in Cornwall founded a monastery at Lanwethinoc, now called Padstow (from Pedroc’s Stowe). This monastery became the chief center for his monastic and missionary activities. About thirty years later he founded another monastery at Little Petherick (Nanceventon), where he also built a mill and a chapel. Later he lived as a hermit on Bodmin Moor. At the end of his life he visited the monasteries he had founded, but died at Treravel along the way. He was buried at Padstow, which became the center of his veneration.

Along with Piran and Saint Michael the Archangel, Petroc is one of the patron saints of Cornwall.

prepared from Celebrating the Saints
and The Oxford Dictionary of Saints

The Collect

Almighty God, by your Holy Spirit you have made us one with your saints in heaven and on earth: Grant that in our earthly pilgrimage we may always be supported by this fellowship of love and prayer, and know ourselves to be surrounded by their witness to your power and mercy. We ask this for the sake of Jesus Christ, in whom all our intercessions are acceptable through the Spirit, and who lives and reigns for ever and ever. Amen.

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